Monthly report January 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport januari 2021 - SCF I 1

The NAV rate for January was 100.60, an increase of 0.60 (0.60%) per month and a standard deviation of 0.91. Good start to the year. New Year New possibilities. We take back ours

Monthly report April 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport april 2021 - SCF I 2

The NAV rate for April was 102.06, an increase of 0.44 (0.43 %) per month and a standard deviation of 0.89. A slightly weaker month. It depends on a still large

Monthly report July 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport juli 2021 - SCF I 3

The NAV price for July was 102.98, an increase of 0.40 (0.3997%). It's an ok month. We still have a large cash register, summer silence has hit us. New lending in June was

Monthly report September 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport september 2021 - SCF I 4

The NAV rate for September was 103.85, an increase of 0.37 (0.3576%). It's a weak month. The weak result is an effect of the fact that we have stopped recognizing interest on one

Monthly report August 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport augusti 2021 - SCF I 5

The NAV rate for July was 103.48, an increase of 0.49 (0.4758%). It's an ok month. Inflow of SEK 50 million, thank you very much for that. New lending in August was 6

Monthly report June 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport juni 2021 - SCF I 6

The NAV rate for June was 102.58, an increase of 0.50 (0.4898%). It's an ok month. I thank you for the great support for our webinar that we had on 17/6

Monthly report May 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport maj 2021 - SCF I 7

The NAV price for May was 102, .08 an increase of 0.02 (0.02%). A weak month that we are not happy with. We have a greater commitment in Denmark through a bond

Monthly report March 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport mars 2021 - SCF I 10

The NAV rate for March was 101.62, an increase of 0.54 (0.53 %) per month and a standard deviation of 0.90. A robust month that we are happy with. We have inflows

Monthly report February 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport februari 2021 - SCF I 11

The NAV rate for February was 101.08, an increase of 0.48 (0.477%) for the month and a standard deviation of 0.91. The reason we are dipping below 0.50 is a short month

December: positive month and rise according to revised forecast for 2020

December: positiv månad och uppgång enligt reviderad prognos för 2020 12

The NAV rate for December was 104.28, an increase of 0.43 (0.41 %) per month and a standard deviation of 0.92. We land the year according to a revised forecast and that is good. Now