Monthly report April 2021 - HYOF

Månadsrapport april 2021 - HYOF 1

April, with an increase of 0.73 points, was the fund's best so far and takes us to a NAV of 100.82. Although we referred to the strength of the underlying portfolio

Monthly report June 2021 - HYOF

Månadsrapport juni 2021 - HYOF 2

NAV at the end of June was 102.26, an increase of 0.71 points. We are just behind the forecast for the half year due to a weak first month. We hope to

Monthly report August 2021 - HYOF

Månadsrapport augusti 2021 - HYOF 3

The Nordic HY market developed well during August with demand-driven spread in the SEK and NOK markets. The EUR and USD markets have been more neutral but USD HY has performed

Monthly report July 2021 - HYOF

Månadsrapport juli 2021 - HYOF 4

The month of July, with an increase of 0.68 percent, took us to a NAV of 102.96. The rise is driven by interest rates in the underlying portfolio. We have not made any new investments during

Monthly report May 2021 - HYOF

Månadsrapport maj 2021 - HYOF 5

The month of May, with an increase of 0.71 points, took us to a NAV of 101.54. The effect of the underlying portfolio's yield is now clear and we are following up April

Monthly report March 2021 - HYOF

Månadsrapport mars 2021 - HYOF 6

Like February, March was characterized by strong activity in the Nordic primary market for high-yield bonds. Probably partly an effect of increased transaction volumes in Nordic M&A and partly dammed