The illiquid Swedish corporate bond market creates opportunities for the High Yield Opportunity Fund

Den illikvida svenska företagsobligationsmarknaden skapar möjligheter för High Yield Opportunity Fund 1

Finansinspektionen (FI) writes in yesterday's edition (9 June 2021) of Dagens Industri a debate article entitled: The bond market must have higher liquidity. FI refers to the corporate bond market and then highlights the problem with

Hedgenordic writes about our newly launched High Yield Opportunity Fund

Hedgenordic skriver om vår nylanserade High Yield Opportunity Fund 2

In an interview with Hedgenordic, Kreditfonden's Managing Director Fredrik Sjöstrand and Head of Origination Peder Broms talk about the newly launched High Yield Opportunity Fund. Link to the article below (in English). Natural

HedgeNordic on the launch of the Nordic Direct Lending Fund

HedgeNordic om lanseringen av Nordic Direct Lending Fund 3

An article in HedgeNordic's latest publication “Alternative Fixed Income Strategies” describes the launch of the Nordic Direct Lending Fund. The fund offers institutions exposure to the Nordic market for direct loans with one

Article: Kreditfonden about the possibilities with direct loans in the Nordic region

Artikel: Kreditfonden om möjligheterna med direktlån i Norden 4

Kreditfonden's Investment Manager Fredrik Sjöstrand and Head of Origination Peder Broms talk to Hedgenordic about the possibilities with direct loans in the Nordic market and how the situation with Corona has affected the asset class. privatemarket_kreditfonden_2020_v4

This is how you finance your business acquisition

Så finansierar du ditt företagsförvärv 5

The potential to grow through corporate acquisitions is great, but it can be difficult to access the capital needed to succeed. With today's capital adequacy rules, banks are often reluctant

What are direct loans and why is it important?

Vad är direktlån och varför är det viktigt? 6

The term direct loans is not very well known in the Nordic market, but more so in the European and American markets. The meaning is relatively simple; Direct loans are just like a regular bank loan, though

Credit Fund Continues Along Upward Curve

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Bringing Direct Lending to the Nordics

Article from 160921_hedgenordic-com-bringing-direct-lending-to-the-nordics

Robust August for the Credit Fund

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Credit funds could become lenders

Retrenchment by the banking sector will create a $1tn-$2tn opportunity for credit funds to fill the void in Europe in the coming decade, according to the International Monetary Fund and