Webinar credit strategies January 2022


Responsible manager Fredrik Sjöstrand comments on recent developments for credit strategies and gives his view on the prospects for the funds in 2022. Fredrik also addresses common questions and answers, compare Scandinavian Credit Fund I with Hedge Nordic composite index etc. You can also download the accompanying presentation as PDF

Webinar June 2021 with update regarding the portfolio and loans in categories 2 and 3

Webinar juni 2021 med uppdatering avseende portföljen och lån i kategori 2 och 3 1

We have recently received a number of recurring questions and thoughts from you. These are Covid 19 effects on the portfolio, how the 3 categories work in accordance with IFRS9 accounting, what happens when a security is taken into use and how it is wound up, and the background to the lower return in May. You will receive an update regarding […]

The importance of liquidity for successful high yield management

Likviditetens betydelse för framgångsrik high yield förvaltning 2

Finserve Nordic invited to a webinar on the theme of high yield management. Participating were Kreditfonden's managing director Fredrik Sjöstrand and Sean George, manager of the credit hedge fund Hamiltonian GCO. The webinar touched on the importance of liquidity for successful credit management, with a special focus on the high yield segment. During the webinar, the liquid administration was pitted against the more illiquid. We also discussed what […]