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Here we have collected the most common questions we have received from our customers. We are constantly adding new questions and answers and you are more than welcome to contact us if there is anything you wonder about.
Where can I see my profit sharing loans?

All new profit share loans are registered with Euroclear. Subsequently, the profit-sharing loans are delivered to the Mangold Fund Commission, which administers and distributes all loans to the specified custodian or VP account of the investors. So you can see ...

How is my nominal subscription amount calculated?

Below is an example of how the nominal amount is calculated based on the current price (NAV) at the time of subscription, the profit share loans sell for a nominal SEK 100. Course (NAV) as of July 1, 2016 ...

How is the return from Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB paid out?

During the calendar year, the fund is traded at the current rate (NAV). At year-end, the price increase, the profit-sharing rate, will be converted into new profit-sharing loans. Profit share interest shall be distributed among all outstanding holders of Profit Share Loan and paid by issuing ...

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