Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) - Announces Supplement to Prospectus and updated Prospectus + Terms

Stockholm, October 5, 2015 - As of August 31, 2015, Skandinaviska Kreditfonden AB has announced that they are launching their first AIF fund, Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ), in which the public and institutional investors are offered to subscribe for a maximum loan of SEK 500 million in a first step.

Following the previously published decision on September 11 to extend the subscription period to October 23, 2015, here is a supplement to the Prospectus and updated the Prospectus + Terms under the tab. Investments / Documents.

The profit share loans will, after completion of the issue, be admitted to trading on the Nordic Derivatives Exchange (NDX) (renamed Main Regulated since 2020-05-04), part of Nordic Growth Market NGM AB (NGM).

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Emma Westerberg

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