This is how we have created 5.8 - 8.1 % annual return through direct loan investment

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Direct loans - a good interest rate investment when the stock market shakes

How do you invest your company's cash and cash equivalents? Become your own bank and generate secure monthly interest income through an investment in direct loans.

Scandinavian Credit Fund I (SCF I) creates a stable return in an environment characterized by low interest rates and a shaky stock exchange. We do this by issuing secured loans to companies in the Nordic countries. The fund is traded monthly through profit-sharing loans on the Nordic Growth Market. The minimum investment is SEK 100,000.

This creates the return in SCF I

Direct loans - a unique interest rate investment

Scandinavian Credit Fund I generates returns by providing loans to Nordic companies that need to finance expansion, investment, restructuring, refinancing, generational financing or seasonal needs. It is the only fund of its kind with a focus on the Nordic countries. 

Yield 5.8 - 8.1% per year since 2016

Safer than the stock exchange, better than the bank

Since its inception in 2016, SCF I has returned in line with the expected return of 5.8 - 8.1 per cent per year after fees. This to a low volatility.

The chart shows a comparison with other asset classes.

fund Information

  • Investing in mutual funds always involves a risk. The value of your investment can go up and down depending on factors affecting the market including interest rates. Historical returns are not an indicator of future returns. Investors may lose parts or the entire amount invested.
  • For more information on risks, read more in the funds' KIID and prospectus.
This is how the fund is traded
  • The fund is traded on a monthly basis
  • Subscriptions can be made through deposits on deposits for liquidity or cash payment
  • Subscription takes place 4 days before the end of the month
  • Cash liquidity must be paid 2 days before the end of the month
  • Sales must be reported 15 days before the end of the month, and 7 days after the end of the month
  • The minimum investment is SEK 100,000, in addition to any amount
  • Fixed fee of 1.6% per year
  • Performance fee of 20% over SSVX90 (high watermark)
  • Brokerage of max 2% can be taken out and accrues to the distributor
Where can I invest
  • Private individuals, companies and professional investors can invest in profit-sharing loans
  • The profit share loans are listed on the Nordic Growth Market
  • Direct purchases can be made at Mangold Fondkommission
  • Investors need a custody account or a VP account.
  • Profit-sharing loans can also be an asset class in a custodian insurance or ISK

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