High Yield Opportunity Fund

High Yield Opportunity Fund is a closed alternative investment fund (AIF) that is listed on the Nordic Growth Market with a monthly NAV.
The investment horizon is 3-5 years and the fund has a Nordic focus.
The purpose of the fund is to take advantage of the unique opportunities that exist in the Nordic high yield market.

The fund that finds opportunities when sellers are crowded in the end

The Nordic market for high yield bonds is characterized by thin liquidity. This means that the bonds, in times of turmoil in the financial markets, tend to have a pricing that does not reflect its actual value. It last happened during the corona eruption in March 2020.

To take advantage of these opportunities, Finserve has launched the High Yield Opportunity Fund. Thanks to its closed structure, the fund can opportunistically buy bonds during periods of “stressed markets” and thereby take advantage of the market inefficiencies that exist in the Nordic high yield market.

The fund has an effective target return of 7 percent per year, including dividends and after fees. The structure is closed and holdings can therefore be sold at the earliest after three years, after which investments made are sold off over a two-year period, which requires an investment horizon of three to five years.

High yield opportunity fund publishes monthly NAV on NGM with a minimum investment of SEK 10,000. See link below for drawing via Mangold.

Watch the film where manager Peder Broms explains the fund


Before investing in a High Yield Opportunity Fund, it is important that you read the written material about the fund in order to make an informed decision that means that you understand the risks that exist with the fund and that you understand how the fund works. Therefore, you should carefully read the information brochure, the basic factsheet and the prospectus and its supplements. You will find all relevant documents here.

Approved financial intermediaries

The High Yield Opportunity Fund approves that the following financial intermediaries use the prospectus on their websites:

  • Alpcot AB, Grev Turegatan 18, 114 46 Stockholm
  • Avanza Bank AB, Regeringsgatan 103, 111 39 Stockholm
  • Garantum Fondkommission AB, Smålandsgatan 16, 111 46 Stockholm
  • Mangold Fondkommission AB, Engelbrektsplan 2, 114 34 Stockholm
  • Nordea Bank plc, branch in Sweden, Smålandsgatan 17, 111 46 Stockholm
  • Nord Fondkomission AB, Grevgatan 56, 114 59 Stockholm
  • Nordnet AB (publ), Alströmergatan 39, 112 47 Stockholm
  • Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, 106 40 Stockholm
  • Strukturinvest Fondkommission (FK) AB, Stora Badhusgatan 18-20, 411 21 Gothenburg
  • Svenska Handelsbanken AB, Kungsträdgårdsgatan 2, 106 70 Stockholm
  • Swedbank AB, Landsvägen 40, 172 63 Sundbyberg

Current subscription dates



Registration must be made on a special form as above or directly from Mangold (https://www.mangold.se/emission/teckning-av-vinstandelslan-i-high-yield-opportunity-fund-ab-publ/) using BankID.

The minimum amount when subscribing is SEK 10,000.

Fund Performance


Monthly reports

Monthly report March 2021 - HYOF

Like February, March was characterized by strong activity in the Nordic primary market for high-yield bonds. Probably partly an effect of increased transaction volumes in Nordic M&A and partly dammed

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