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Kreditfonden offers corporate loans with maturities of between 3 and 48 months. We are flexible, local and have short lead times for decisions. Our lending rate is set individually per borrower and depends on the term, credit risk, collateral and a number of other criteria that you can read more about on this page.

The Scandinavian Credit Fund signs an agreement with the European Investment Fund

On 7 September 2021, the Scandinavian Credit Fund, via the Scandinavian Credit Fund I, signed an agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF). The agreement pertains to a credit guarantee program of SEK 3 billion and aims to support Nordic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Through the agreement, the Scandinavian Credit Fund will be one of the very few private lenders in Sweden that can offer loans within the framework of the European Guarantee Fund (EGF). The purpose of the EGF is to offer small and medium-sized enterprises improved financing conditions. This is as a result of the financial difficulties that have befallen many companies in the wake of covid-19.

“We now offer Nordic SMEs a unique financing alternative. With the guarantee program, we can choose to let new loans be covered by the EIF guarantee of 70 percent of the loan amount, in return the borrowers will receive a slightly lower interest rate than would otherwise be the case ", says Fredrik Sjöstrand who is head of the investment team behind Scandinavian Credit Fund I.

About EIF
The European Investment Fund (EIF) is the EU's special instrument for private venture capital, guarantees and microfinance, mainly in support of small and micro enterprises and social enterprises. The EIF is part of the European Investment Banking Group and the European Commission is one of the partners.

Client cases

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"We have once again shown that we are an attractive and good partner for investment companies and PE players. Mimir Invest has shown an amazing ability to buy good companies that the seller considers too far from the core business. Even in this case, there is great potential to grow the company further under our own direction and we are proud to be part of the journey as a long-term financing partner. " Fredrik Sjöstrand

Acquisition financing for investment companies

Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) has signed an agreement for an acquisition loan with the investment company Mimir Invest AB. The loan will be used to finance the purchase of Epiroc's geotechnical drilling products business area, which after being taken over was incorporated by TerraRoc Oy. The acquisition was completed on September 3, 2019.

The loan agreement between Scandinavian Credit Fund I and Mimir Invest follows a traditional acquisition financing to investment companies and runs over four years. The deal has been complex with loan documentation and mortgage structure in several different jurisdictions, as well as access to checking account credit and factoring solutions, which required a good and close dialogue between the borrower and Scandinavian Credit Fund I.

SEK 235 million direct loan to Danish Global Scanning A / S

Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) has signed an agreement for a significant direct loan with Global Scanning A / S. The size of the loan amounts to SEK 235 million and is one of the largest loan agreements entered into by the Fund since its inception in January 2016. The loan will partly be used to refinance an earlier bond holding that Global Scanning informed in a press release dated September 24, 2019.

Global Scanning develops and markets large format scanners in data-based design (CAD), geographical information systems (GIS), reprography, copying services and document archiving under the Contex and Colortrack brands. The company also develops products in 3D scanning. Global Scanning is based in Denmark and global market leader in its product area. The company's sales in 2017 amounted to $ 40 million.

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"We are pleased to have the opportunity to finance Global Scanning, a world-leading company that is leading the development in its industry. With this transaction, we show that Scandinavian Credit Fund I is an attractive alternative to the bond market." Fredrik Sjöstrand
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"We are very pleased to be able to participate in and finance a number of real estate projects in a region with good growth prospects. A large part of the rental properties included in the project have been sold even before funding from the fund, which together with the company's capital-rich owners guarantees a limited risk in the transaction. " Peder Broms

Green real estate financing in Jutland

Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) has taken out a direct loan with the Danish real estate developer Birch Ejendomme. The loan constitutes project financing for the construction of rental properties in Jutland and runs for four years.

Until 2017, Birch Ejendomme has developed rental housing in Jutland for its own book and sold some 20 projects to institutional investors such as Niam, PFA, Koncenton and Crescendo. In connection with the sale of a larger portfolio in December 2018, the buyer financed the transaction through loans in green mortgage bonds. This financing was made possible thanks to the properties meeting the requirements for energy-friendly production. Even in the ongoing project financed by Scandinavian Credit Fund I, the housing meets the energy requirements.

How does it work?

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The Credit Fund as a lending partner

Scandinavian Credit Fund I (“SCFI”) invests only in secured loans. Since the Fund is not a bank, we can be more pragmatic in our lending. We love to be flexible and responsive, but follow a strict credit process that ensures that our investors can be confident that the companies we lend capital to will repay their loans. The companies we lend to are usually based in the Nordic countries and in need of capital for expansion, investment, reorganization, refinancing, seasonal variation in liquidity, bridge financing or other financing between SEK 20-400 million. The duration of our loans is normally in the range of 3 - 48 months.

What does it take to get a loan from us?

Below is a summary of the minimum requirements we set for analyzing loan requests to the Fund. Lending situations are rarely the same, but the general recurring requirements are necessary for a successful relationship between the Fund and its partners.

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General requirements


The company's operations and assets shall be governed by such laws that are well developed and which give creditors strong protection.


The company must have a history of positive operating results and cash flows or have an experienced circle of owners who are judged to be credible, strong and with a long experience in the industry in question.

Qualitative requirements

Personal engagement

In its management, the fund seeks out borrowers with a strong background in its business area and owners who have significant personal involvement in the company.

Listed companies

Priority is given to listed or listed companies to facilitate analysis of compliance and transparency of the borrower.


The fund always has an early and close dialogue with senior executives in the company and regularly visits the site to get a good idea of the company and its challenges.

General credit considerations

Key figures

The credit process is carried out with a focus on cash flow, liquidity, repayment capacity and collateral.

Repayment ability

Independent and external analysis tools, together with their own analysis, are used in assessing the ability to repay.


Contact with the company's external auditors will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Business Model

Analysis of the company's business model and management's competence are important parts of the credit analysis.


The security of the loans can vary and an objective assessment of the proposed collateral is made for each object.


Credit information from external sources (eg UC) will be taken both at the company and all or part of the management.



Loans should normally be secured with different types of collateral. The fund accepts collateral such as company mortgages, reversals, mortgages in real estate, shares, the guarantee and other realizable assets.


The fund also accepts collateral in the form of a personal guarantee.

Soft collateral

The Fund excludes "soft" collateral such as intellectual property and software. Furthermore, equipment and equipment are exempted except in cases where appropriate disposal and realization of the security can be made at calculated values.

Structure and Size

Loan Amount

From SEK 20-400 million or equivalent in another currency.


Credits are given as loans with fixed interest rates or variable interest rates.


Depending on the borrower's specific needs and business plan, but usually short or medium term loans of 3-48 months.

Loan Structure

Mainly secured and senior loans with the possibility of a high loan-to-value ratio, flexible repayment structure and adapted covenants.

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