Finserve Nordic AB recruits Stefan Skrimsjö as new manager for Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) and Nordic Factoring Fund AB (publ)

Stefan Skrimsjö, with a previous past as, among other things, manager of Scandinavian Credit Fund I, is being recruited as the new responsible manager of the fund and of the Nordic Factoring Fund.

The funds' current manager and CEO, Fredrik Sjöstrand, will work full time with Riddargatan Förvaltning AB - the company that manages realized mortgaged property within the framework of Scandinavian Credit Fund I. In his new role, Fredrik will be responsible for the development and sale of the holdings in this company. , with the aim of adding the greatest possible value to the fund's unit holders.

Acting manager Stefan Skrimsjö has previously been involved in Scandinavian Credit Fund I's management during the period 2016 to 2019. We now welcome him back.

Stefan Skrimsjö has extensive experience as a senior executive and as an entrepreneur in primarily the financial market. He is used to responsibility for results and has extensive experience of leading others and of achieving high goals. Stefan is analytical and structured and throughout his career has had a strong focus on methodology and risk management within asset and loan management strategies.

Stefan has, among other things, a background as CEO of Verdispar Securities in Sweden and CEO and founder of Shepherd Energy - a securities company in electricity trading. He was also director and founder of Evli Money Market in Finland and before that bank director at Föreningsbanken Finland and Den norske Creditbank in Gothenburg.

Stefan also has experience as an entrepreneur in areas such as environmental technology, customer support and IT development. Since 2010, he has run businesses under his own auspices.

Skrimsjö has sat on several boards over the years. He has a degree from the University of Gothenburg in archeology and in the Administration line.

Stefan Skrimsjö will report to the fund's board and Henrik Sundin, CEO of Finserve Nordic AB.

Jonathan Furelid, Press Contact Finserve Nordic AB


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