Finserve Nordic AB recruits Andreas Konstantino as a new manager for Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) and Nordic Factoring Fund AB (publ)

Finserve Nordic is pleased to announce that Andreas Konstantino, who was previously Finserve's independent valuer, has been recruited as the new responsible manager of Scandinavian Credit Fund I and Nordic Factoring Fund. Andreas also becomes the new head of Investments and replaces the former manager Stefan Skrimsjö.

Andreas has extensive experience in lending, IFRS9, risk assessment and process development from Swedbank, where he worked for over 10 years as a credit risk specialist. Andreas also has a very good knowledge and understanding of the portfolios and holdings in Finserve's funds after his time as an independent valuer. We are convinced that he will shoulder the role of responsible manager and together with the team will do a fantastic job.

Stefan Skrimsjö has also accepted to take on the role of independent valuer, which means that we will have a good continuity and transition where we have the privilege of retaining Stefan's experience and competence in the organization in a very important role for the company.

As previously announced, Fredrik Sjöstrand, former head of Investments, will work full-time with Riddargatan Förvaltning AB - the company that manages realized mortgaged property within the framework of Scandinavian Credit Fund I. In this role, Fredrik will be responsible for the development and disposal of the holdings in this company , with the aim of adding the greatest possible value to the fund's shareholders.

The changes will take effect from 4 October 2022.


Finserve Nordic AB rekryterar Andreas Konstantino som ny förvaltare för Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) och Nordic Factoring Fund AB (publ) 1
Andreas Constantine

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