Michael Gunnarsson

Elected to the Board of Directors on June 25, 2015

Michael has twenty years of experience working in the financial sector. Michael has held a number of senior positions within the Skandia Group. Michael has also held senior positions in Movestic, both as CEO of Movestic Kapitalförvaltning AB and Movestic Life Insurance AB. Michael most recently comes from a position as CEO of ODIN Fonder.

Current and past other assignments

Chairman of the Board of Skandinaviska Kreditfonden, Scandinavian Credit Fund 1 AB, Nordic Factoring Fund AB, Finserve Nordic AB, Board member of Infragroup Nordic AB, Infragroup Nordic investments AB, Pure Commons Sense Consulting AB, deputy member of Brandsign AB and contractor.

Michael has previously held board positions in Movestic Livförsäkring AB, Movestic Kapitalförvaltning AB and Modernac SA.

None of the assignments entails any conflict of interest.

Michael Gunnarsson
Emma Westerberg

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