Monthly report March 2022 - SCF I

Månadsrapport mars 2022 - SCF I 1

Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) reports a NAV rate for March of 101.67. It is an increase of 0.67 (0.6634%), it is a very good month. The inflow for March is SEK 22 million, thank you very much for that. The new lending in March is approximately SEK 53 million. We are pleased to announce that we have finally received payment […]

Monthly report March 2022 - NFF

Månadsrapport mars 2022 - NFF 2

The NAV rate in March was 101.69, which gives an increase for the month of 0.57 (0.5637%). It is a stable and good month, the fund rates according to plan. The inflow for the month of March is SEK 23 million, thank you very much for that. The market Back to fundamental factors that affect the markets. The market is cynical and right now it sees the Ukraine war […]