Monthly report August 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport augusti 2021 - SCF I 1

The NAV rate for July was 103.48, an increase of 0.49 (0.4758%). It's an ok month. Inflow of SEK 50 million, thank you very much for that. New lending in August was 6

Monthly report August 2021 - HYOF

Månadsrapport augusti 2021 - HYOF 2

The Nordic HY market developed well during August with demand-driven spread in the SEK and NOK markets. The EUR and USD markets have been more neutral but USD HY has performed

Monthly report August 2021 - NFF

Månadsrapport augusti 2021 - NFF 3

The NAV rate in August was 104.56, which gives an increase for the month of 0.58 (0.5578%). It is a good month, the fund is planning according to plan. I'm watching a NAV