Monthly report July 2021 - SCF I

Månadsrapport juli 2021 - SCF I 1

The NAV price for July was 102.98, an increase of 0.40 (0.3997%). It's an ok month. We still have a large cash register, summer silence has hit us. New lending in June was SEK 75 million. The inflow to the fund was SEK 15 million, thanks to that. We continue our work with extra frequent follow-up of our companies with regard to […]

Monthly report July 2021 - HYOF

Månadsrapport juli 2021 - HYOF 2

The month of July, with an increase of 0.68 percent, took us to a NAV of 102.96. The rise is driven by interest rates in the underlying portfolio. We did not make any new investments during the month of July, but maintained the exposure we had at the beginning of the month. As is well known, our long-term strategy is to hold bonds to maturity, and we […]

Monthly report July 2021 - NFF

Månadsrapport juli 2021 - NFF 3

The NAV rate in July was 103.98, which gives an increase for the month of 0.60 (0.5804%). It is a good month, the fund is planning according to plan. Inflow of SEK 29 million, thank you very much for that. New lending in February was approximately SEK 20 million. We introduce quarterly liquidity in the redemption fund on 2021-07-01, we retain the monthly opportunity […]