December: positive month and the fund up in line with the annual return forecast

December: positiv månad och fonden upp i linje med årlig avkastningsprognos 1

The NAV rate in December was 105.71, which gives an increase for the month of 0.50 (0.48 %). A good month that is in line with the goal of rolling twelve-month figures of a return of at least 6 percent. We had legal expenses that reduced NAV by a few points. Inflow of SEK 12 million, thank you very much for that. New lending […]

December: positive month and rise according to revised forecast for 2020

December: positiv månad och uppgång enligt reviderad prognos för 2020 6

The NAV rate for December was 104.28, an increase of 0.43 (0.41 %) per month and a standard deviation of 0.92. We land the year according to a revised forecast and that is good. Now we look forward to 2021 with new healthy times. New lending in December was approximately SEK 15 million. NAV this month is affected by IFRS adjustment […]